Becoming Customer Centric Using a Co-creation Consulting Approach

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What Becoming Customer Centric Really Means

Becoming customer centric is a business strategy that is based on building an organization from the inside out to market, sell, plan and deliver products and services to your best customers. Developing a customer centric strategy is a complex corporate challenge but the benefits can be amazing. Creating a customer centric approach and successfully executing it will greatly improve sales growth by delivering a better sales experience to customers. Successfully becoming customer centric will turn more "average” customers into the "best” customers and help to differentiate the organization from the competition.
In order to become customer centric, an organization must look at every department, every process and every product that has either a direct or an indirect impact on the customer. A business consultant may help companies develop solutions to become customer centric by looking at market analysis and other important factors in the industry. In order to become truly customer centric, the organization must also look inward to drive innovation.

Co-creating an Innovative Customer Centric Strategy

Business consultants provide valuable insight into industry trends and customer buying habits. Problems arise when organizations rely too heavily on business consultants to help them become customer centric. Business consultants excel at solving complicated problems where their industry expertise makes it possible to implement a specific solution that has worked in the past. There isn't a pre-existing set of steps that an organization can apply in order to become customer centric; every organization has a unique customer base and value proposition and overall set of circumstances. Business consultants can contribute to the solution, but they can't create the solution on their own, let alone get everyone behind it. Much of the important knowledge and wisdom and subsequent action will come from leaders and people within the organization.
When a group of people are brought together to share wisdom and contribute to creating a solution for a defining corporate challenge, this is referred to as the co-creation consulting approach to solving problems. This approach is useful for finding innovative solutions to complex problems because it allows a wide range of people (both internal and external sources) to share knowledge and address a problem from every angle. Business consultants can play a role in finding the solution to the problem, but they should not be expected to formulate the solution like they are with the traditional consulting approach.

Effective Co-creation Methods

Co-creating a solution is a very powerful tool for innovation, but it can be difficult to execute in reality. The co-creation approach requires effective large group communication tools and methods in order to successfully deliver on the potential.
The top global orchestration firms allow organizations to experience the full benefits of effective large group communication. These firms specialize in efficiently executing the co-creation consulting approach by identifying and assembling the right balance of internal knowledge and external expertise in order to drive an innovative, all-inclusive solution. The result is a strategy that can be mobilized faster with increased buy-in from across the organization.
Discover how the top global orchestration firms allow leaders to effectively leverage the co-creation approach to holistically solve complex problems such as becoming customer centric.

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